Our research unfolded in three public moments:
Potential h/Histories, an online conversation with scholar of political theory and photography Ariella Aïsha Azoulay, which addressed some of the notions presented in her book Potential History: Unlearning Imperialism (Verso 2019), such as potential history, rehearsal, rewinding, the interrelations between art and theory, and strike.
An infrastructural investigation of a worldly future, a film screening and conversation between artist Mohamed Abdelkarim and curator Salma Mochtari. We talked about the post-apocalypse, working with linear and non-linear timelines and infrastructures.
How (Not) to Disappear in Translation, a 2-day workshop conducted by Virginie Bobin, based on a script emphasizing different relational, ethical, and political aspects of what occurs when translation intervenes to mediate and complicate processes of storytelling, witnessing and listening within the codified space of the law.

Our last intervention took the form of a Disoriented Glossary: a glossary can only display one possible set of meanings, responding to a given context. It is also a writing form in itself, a mode of story-telling, suggesting once more a troubled relationship to the contingent truths that words carry along. This form serves as a repository of traces, documents and conversations generated over the course of the affiliation. It brings up more questions than it answers. It is produced with several thinkers and artists in mind: our conversation with Ariella Aisha Azoulay was seminal to the rest, although our readings of scholars Saidiya Hartman and Eve Tuck, and reminiscences of Dead French Philosophers theorists of history like Michel Foucault, were of company.

The glossary was designed by Maëlle Brientini. It is available under two different forms:
— a pdf file for digital reading (download here);
— a printable A3 file (download here for flip-on-long-edge printers, and here for flip-on-short-edge printers) with specific folding instructions (download here).

The signs illustrating this glossary are adapted from a series of visual scores conceived by artist Anca Benera during the workshop How (Not) to Disappear in Translation. The original drawings can be viewed here.